The Ultimate Guide to Get Through the Holidays Sober

And with your clarity of mind you will definitely win the Scrabble tournament. Sober holidays are tailor made for good old fashioned fun.

sober holidays

I was able to drive everyone back from long lunches at the beach. In the mornings, I became unrecognisably perky, advocating tennis “before the sun hits the court”.

Why Sober Holidays Are the Best Holidays of All

Every day that you can mark off your calendar as another sober success day is worth celebrating. While you relish in the accomplishment of each passing day, remember that they all add up to getting through another sober holiday season. Take an inventory of how things went at the party. If you find yourself traveling during the holidays, it might be helpful to find a local support group that you can attend to talk about how things went. Whatever the outcome, don’t be discouraged by the little things. If you walked away sober, that alone is something to be proud of. It’s also a good idea to provide yourself with distractions.

If a certain family member tends to push your buttons, let a sober friend know that you’ll be interacting with that person at a party. Have that person check in, either by sending you a discrete text message or by taking you away for a few https://ecosoberhouse.com/ moments to speak on the phone. For the first few weeks of your sober holiday planning, track the times when you’re tempted to have a drink. In the future, when you come up against similar triggers, have a plan for how to respond to them.

Celebrate Thanksgiving and Give Thanks:

I am the designated driver, the person who welds sharp knives with impunity, even the one who produces a yam casserole with perfectly golden marshmallows atop. I do not serve broken glass, and I enjoy every minute of every sober holiday event. While you enjoy holiday gatherings, sober holidays it’s important to keep the needs of your body and mind first. These are suggestions each of us need to keep in mind because they really work. Having a strong body and mind before stepping into a stressful situation is one way of setting yourself up for success.

Maybe it’s easier to go to the holiday dinner, rather than make waves by turning down the invite. In this case, put things into place to make the situation as easy as possible. One newly recovering alcoholic wrote AA slogans on index cards and kept them in her purse. When she needed a break, she locked the bathroom door and took five minutes to get quiet and read a slogan. Make a new holiday tradition by scheduling a massage for the day after.

What Causes Cigarette Addiction?

If the icy temperatures of the outdoors don’t suit your fancy, try joining a new gym. Many classes, such as yoga or meditation, are great ways to focus on your goals. If you’re worried about how to stay sober during the holidays, consider getting your group of supportive and sober friends together. Try volunteering at the local Alcoholics Anonymous center, so you can talk to people and provide them with encouragement you too might need during the change in seasons. Stay hydrated, take baths or showers, keep your meditation practice (or if you don’t have one,start a meditation practice), set aside time to journal, eat good food, and relax.

Recovering drug addicts celebrate sobriety this holiday season – WKRG News 5

Recovering drug addicts celebrate sobriety this holiday season.

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