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EVAL BI offers you a flexible Mentor booking platform for all the support you need to. Take full control of your Start up, Business  and Job success by talking to our Mentors.

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EVAL BI focuses on  learning and providing mentorship to our clients to improve their knowledge and empower them to take appropriate actions at their Job, Business & Start Up.


Mentor Entrepreneurs and Start Up in their Ideation Journey

Digital Thinking

Mentor business to achieve their goal using digital tools for Success.

Communication Skills

Our Mentors have helped many to communicate better and achieve the success

Job Support for Career Prospects

Specialized Mentors support you do your day-day task and improve your technical ability.

Career Coaching

Stuck with your career and want to change, we can help on that.

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Raghav Kondapalli

Raghav is a Seasoned Data Analytics professional for 12 years now. He has started a couple of start ups and his passion now is Data Analytics and EVAL BI. He loves talking, teaching and believes mentoring can help everyone to make this world a better place.


Areas: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Science,Startup.

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Supriya kalia

Supriya is an expert Sales Professional, she has been in the industry circles for 10+ years and has worked with many startups. Coaching and Mentoring is her passion and she sees success in others as her success.



Areas: Sales Channel Building, KPI’s to Startups, Tools Startups can use. Idea Validation.

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Nikhil Verma

Nikhil is generally called “The Ideator”He has been helping Individuals,businesses, startups and entrepreneurs validate their idea and also help them implement it. He is passionate mentor and a great human being.



Areas: Digital Marketing, Idea Validation, Startups, Business Case building.


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